Just What Happened To These Stars of 80’s & 90’s Wrestling?


Andre The Giant- Before


Andre the Giant, known as the “Eighth Wonder Of The Word” was a literal Giant in Professional Wrestling in the 1980’s in every sense of the word. Standing at an incredible 7ft 4in and weighing over 500lbs, The French native, who suffered from the rare disease of Gigantism, at the tender age of 12 years old, stood at 6ft 3in and 208lbs. Andre had an epic long-running rivalry with Hulk Hogan that captivated the public during the 80’s and shot the WWF to massive viewing figures. He captured the WWF Heavyweight Title in February 1988, defeating Hulk Hogan in a controversial match on Live Tv.

Andre The Giant- After

Born to Polish and Bulgarian parents in France, Andre Roussimov was the Giant’s real name. He branched out into acting, most famously in the 1987 movie ‘The Princess Bride’, and finished with professional wrestling in 1992. Roussimov died of congestive heart failure in 1993 in a Paris Hotel, just after attending the funeral of his father. His ashes were scattered at his ranch in accordance with his wishes. He became the first man inducted into the then-WWF Hall-of-Fame and remains one of the most recognizable wrestling names of all time.

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