15 Of The Worst Airports To Get Stuck At

worst airports to get stuck at

Air travel can be pretty stressful and debilitating at the best of times, even if things are running relatively smoothly for you. When things go wrong however, air travel can be an absolute nightmare. If you find yourself having a layover in particular, this can really take its toll on you. The next time you consider booking a flight, you may wish to ensure you avoid the following airports as we look at 15 of the worst airports to get stuck at.



Paris Beauvis-Tille International airport, France – This airport is commonly used by budget airlines and actually looks more like a bus station than an airport. It is cramped, it is claustrophobic, it is run down, and it also closes at night.  The fact that it’s a 90 minute journey from

Paris, with little else in the vicinity doesn’t help matters either.


Dulles International airport Washington DC – This airport has a reputation for lateness and is renowned for keeping passengers waiting for much longer than they should. There is a distinct lack of shops, amenities, and facilities, so if you’re looking to eat or shop, you may wish to think again. You’d think if they were keeping you there for so long, they’d want to keep you buying, but alas, this is not the case.


Miami airport, Florida – Florida may be known as the sunshine state, but you won’t feel very sunny or cheery if you find yourself at the mercy of Miami airport. This airport is very slow and inefficient, so if time is against you, avoid this airport at all costs. The shops and restaurants are overpriced, service is very poor, and WIFI doesn’t even come for free.


Charles De Gaulle airport, Paris, France – Although Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, this airport does definitely bring the atmosphere down, somewhat. WIFI is expensive, the airport is constantly busy, it is crowded, and noisy, and staff are notoriously rude. The restrooms are dirty, the facilities are lacking, and food and drink is also extremely overpriced.


Jomo Kenyatta international airport, Nairobi – This airport in Africa is one of the worst in the entire world as it is incredibly hot and humid, the security is, shall we say, questionable. Not to mention that the airport is incredibly busy. More like the experience of a cattle market than an airport, although the good news is that it is being renovated and should be complete by 2017. In the meantime however, avoid it until this essential upgrade has been finished.


London Luton international airport, England – England, although home to some very efficient airports, is also home to some pretty poor examples as well. London Luton airport is cheap, it is nasty, WIFI costs a fortune, as does the food, and finding space to relax can also be tough. In the winter it is especially uncomfortable and cold.


Chicago midway airport, USA – This airport in Chicago lacks amenities, WIFI isn’t free, food is basic, service isn’t great, and the airport itself can get pretty cramped.


Honolulu international airport, Hawaii – If you are visiting a Hawaiian island, a layover here should be expected, so be warned. Sleeping and relaxing is tough as Hawaiian music is played constantly over the sound system. Shops and restaurants shut at 10pm, and boarding gates leave it very late until they open, and finding a seat can also be tough.


LA international airport – LA international airport, USA, is outdated, it is hard to navigate, staff are rude and incompetent, and it gets very crowded indeed. The airport is also very dirty and unhygienic.


Bergamo Orio al Serio airport, Italy – This airport in Italy is very cheap, and has a distinct lack of electrical outlets, so charging phones and tablets can be tough. As many travellers and people on a budget happen to use this airport, it can get incredibly cramped, and cleaners and security staff are also very rude and short tempered, so getting sleep can be tough.


La Guardia international airport, New York – This airport in New York City, is worn out and outdated, and has even been compared, by Vice-president Joe Biden, to a third world country. The lines are incredibly long, bags constantly need to be re-checked, food and drink is poor, and prices are over inflated. The seats are also very uncomfortable and delays are virtually inevitable.


Islamabad Benazir Bhutto international airport, Pakistan – This airport in Pakistan is often compared to a prison, and tourists are advised not to leave as taxi drivers have been known to loot customers. There is no crowd control, the airport is noisy, it is crowded, it is hot, and it is very dirty.


Newark Liberty International airport, New Jersey – This is considered to be one of the worst airports in the entire world, and it is rare you will ever hear a good word said about it. The staff are unfriendly, it is very cold, WIFI is not free, the food sucks, the place is very dirty, and the place just generally sucks.


Ninoy Aquino international airport, Manila – Finally, we have Ninoy Aquino international airport, Manila. It is the worst in all of Asia, possibly even the world, and rightfully so. The toilets are cramped and disgusting, delays are inevitable, staff are rude and unhelpful, the WIFI barely works, the metal seats are incredibly uncomfortable, and announcements occur every 10 – 15 minutes, so sleeping is virtually impossible.


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