10 Reasons Not To Elect Donald Trump

reasons not to elect trump

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last few months, you’ll know all too well, that Donald Trump is grabbing most of the media headlines lately, due to the fact that not only is he running for president, but that he is actually considered one of the Republicans’ most serious presidential candidates. Unless you’re a die-hard republican however, the general consensus seems to be that Donald Trump being elected president of the USA, would be a disaster, not only for the US, but for the entire world as well. Here’s a look at 10 reasons NOT to elect Donald Trump.



He is a walking comic strip – Some of the things that Trump has said and done over the last few months have been laughable, in a very sick and worrying way. He has no shame, he speaks and acts without thinking, and the man is a walking joke, that would turn the US into a joke.


He isn’t the business man he pretends to be – A lot of people consider Trump to be a fantastic self-made businessman that could turn the finances of the US around in no time at all. In reality, he inherited his wealth, and, he has filed for bankruptcy on multiple occasions in the past. Much of his money comes from the ridiculous TV appearances he does.


He is a bigot – Donald Trump is openly homophobic and is against same sex marriage and rights. His values and his mindset are stuck firmly in the past.


He isn’t smart enough – Compared to many, Donald Trump is far from intelligent, particularly when it comes to mathematics and the sciences. He is of course, educated, but many believe he doesn’t have the brain power required to lead a nation.


His ego is too big – Trump’s ego is almost as large as his ridiculous hairpiece, and he is far too cocky to be leader. He would throw a tantrum when people went against him and didn’t agree with him, and his close-mindedness would lead to disaster.


He doesn’t possess the inside knowledge – Put simply, he doesn’t possess the inside knowledge required to run for president of the USA. He’s quick to talk about the need for “sanctions” yet if you were to ask him to elaborate, he wouldn’t have a clue.


He is greedy – If Trump were elected, the rich would get richer, and the poor would get poorer. He would cut welfare and benefits and public funding, and instead would put funding in avenues where the rich and elite would benefit.


He is believed to be a racist – On numerous occasions, Trump has made racist remarks about how blacks, Latinos, and minorities in general, commit the most crime. He has also talked about the fact that he would clamp down on immigration and would essentially close the borders for Latinos.


He is cold-hearted – In true businessman style, trump has constantly stepped on the little people in order to line his greedy pockets and has even gone as far as to have people evicted from their homes so that he can build a golf course.


He’s too quick to act – Although being impulsive can have its benefits, if you’re president, impulsiveness has no place in the white house. Impulsiveness is what leads to wars, bankruptcy, and poor investment. A president should be calculated, cool, calm, and collected, and that just ain’t Trump.


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